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July 16–18, 2021

Trenton, NJ

Hybrid event with virtual and in-person options

A hybrid event with online and in-person options:
1-, 2-, or 3-day virtual passes 
OR 3-day onsite pass

Held in Trenton, New Jersey, the Space for Her Women’s Conference encourages women to invest in themselves and each other as they claim their own space in the world.


Space for Her provides resources and connections for women to help them achieve emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional balance. 


Space for Her calls attention to the challenges faced by women and creates space and opportunities for them to set and reach new goals. 

Breaking New Ground

This year's conference theme, Breaking New Ground, encourages women of all backgrounds to break through limitations, invest in themselves, and pursue their dreams.
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Conference Agenda

Friday, July 16



On-site Registration
Virtual Matchmaking
Clubhouse Session 1
Clubhouse Session 2
Clubhouse Session 3

Networking Mixer
Welcome Address
Michelle Mayfield)
Proclamation Presentation
     (City Officials)
Dinner / Live Jazz
Audrey Welber-Lafferty)
Keynote Speaker
     (Rekishia McMillan)
Prize Giveaways

Saturday, July 17

Morning Stretch and
    1-mile City Walk
Virtual Matchmaking 
Continental Breakfast
Keynote Speaker 
     (Karen Ford)
Keynote Speaker
     (Kristie Kennedy)
Breakout Session 1
Breakout Session 2
Tribute Dinner / Live Jazz
Audrey Welber-Lafferty)

Sunday, July 18

Sunrise Prayer and Worship 
Keynote Speaker and Pastor
     (Stephaine Nobles-Beans)

Virtual Matchmaking

Space for Her Virtual Matchmaking allows conference attendees to connect with like-minded women. Matchmaking is included with your conference ticket. Attendees find matches based on mutual interests and goals.

Reserving a Virtual Matchmaking Booth allows participants to:

  • Develop a detailed profile including products and services

  • Share relevant interests and goals

  • Set appointments before and during the event

  • Network one-on-one with other attendees

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe
Michelle Mayfield

Michelle Mayfield (A.K.A. Coach Michelle) is the owner and founder of Flavor of Beauty, a non-profit organization designed to benefit girls ages 5 to 19. Flavor of Beauty is dedicated to enhancing the lives of girls through mentoring, education, community service, and faith-based principles. Michelle holds a doctoral degree in Theology from Jameson School of Theology. She will open up the first day of the conference by welcoming attendees and helping them define what it means to break new ground in their personal lives. 

Michelle Mayfield
Owner & Founder of Flavor of Beauty

Keynote Speakers

Kristie Kennedy

Kristie Kennedy, The Image Confidence Expert, is a TEDx Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker and Authentic Lifestyle Author. As the owner of Queenfidence Global Image Consulting, her electrifying inspirational gift empowers women with the confidence and clarity to find their voice, free their voice, and look fabulous using their voice. Kristie believes that women can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one daring action step at a time. She will be speaking on empowerment, leadership, and breaking new ground.  

Kristie Kennedy
TEDEx Speaker & Image Confidence Expert
Karen Ford

Karen is a Master Financial Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author who has coached people with a variety of money issues. She encourages others to break the shackles of debt and gives valuable insight into building wealth so they can experience financial freedom! Karen Ford’s #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Money Matters is both motivational and practical. Whether it's breaking ground for a new business venture or something else, Karen will provide 6 keys to a breakthrough in finances! 

Karen Ford
Master Financial Coach & Author
Rekishia L. McMillan 

Rekishia L. McMillan is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and honorably retired Air Force veteran. She is passionate about helping women achieve extraordinary health from the inside out. She received her nutritional training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University. Her books, Rock Your World Naturally: 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health and Rock Your World Naturally: 28-Days and Beyond Wellness Journal were awarded as Finalists in the "American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Awards for the Health, General Category."

Rekishia L. McMillan 
Total Health Coach & Award-Winning Author
Stephaine Nobles-Beans

Stephaine Nobles-Beans is an author, evangelist, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping women launch into their destiny and purpose. She has been a transformational leader and educator for more than 20 years. Stephaine is is the Assistant Pastor and Adult Educator at the Church of Berachah in Spokane, WA.  A survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she uses her past pain to help others heal from their trauma through empowerment presentations, speaking engagements, workshops, and improv plays. She will close out the conference with an inspiring message on breaking new ground.

Stephaine Nobles-Beans
Author, Evangelist, & Life Coach 

Breakout Sessions

All breakout round table sessions are being held at 3:00p and again at 4:15p.

Attend whichever sessions you prefer.

So... You Want to Write?
How to Self-Publish Your Book

led by Stephaine Y. Nobles-Beans, MA, Administrative Leadership 
4x Author, Pastor and Transformational Life Coach, and Founder of Women Ever Rising Every Day 

Becoming the Ultimate Healthy Woman
led by Rekishia L. McMillan, MSW
Award-Winning Author, Total Health Coach Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Starting & Funding Your Nonprofit
led by Michelle Mayfield, PhD, Theology 
Author, The Parenting Coach and Founder of Flavor of Beauty 
Taking Notes

Why Trenton?

The purpose for hosting the Space For Her women’s conference in Trenton is quite significant. Trenton currently ranks lowest among all state capitals for Quality of Life. The poverty rate is double the national average. 36% of the households live 200% below the Federal poverty level, and the majority of those households are led by women. Source

The crushing blow of poverty eliminates opportunities for women to rise above their situation. Space For Her seeks to provide a space specifically for women to focus on financial, physical, mental, and spiritual empowerment.

The theme for this year’s Space For Her conference is “Breaking New Ground.” We could think of no better place to host such a significant event — to break new ground for women — than the state capital.

Space For Her is committed to breaking up old roads and building new ones for women. Through this conference we seek to champion and make space room for women to achieve their most authentic self.

The event will take place virtually and in-person (for up to 100 women). The physical event will take place at 400 Hamilton Avenue in Trenton.

Conference Meeting

Clubhouse Sessions

All clubhouse sessions are being held on Friday. Attend whichever sessions you prefer.

Real Estate
led by Karen Ford, Master Financial Coach
Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author

Saboteurs of Success 
led by Kristie Kennedy, The Image Confidence Expert
TEDx Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker and Authentic Lifestyle Author

Biblical Prosperity
led by Karen Ford, Master Financial CoachPublic Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author
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Space For Her Conference is an initiative of Living Well 4 Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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